5 Tips to Scoring the Best Amazon Prime Day Deals

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When is Prime Day? Find out and grab the best Prime Day Deals

OMG Prime Day is just over a week away! Maybe you have missed it in years past or tried to shop and were overwhelmed, but for the past three years, Prime Day has been a huge shopping day for Amazon. In fact, last year, Prime Day racked up more sales than Black Friday! In true Amazon style, Prime Day 2018 is likely to be even better! So what is Prime Day and how do you score the best deals?

What is Prime Day?

Prime Day started back in 2015 to celebrate Amazon’s 20th Birthday. The original Prime Day featured thousands of deals on popular consumer products ranging from Kindles to Kitchen Electrics like the Anova Sous Vide and Instant Pot.

When is Prime Day 2018?

Prime Day 2018 begins Monday, July 16th at 3:00 PM EST. It runs for a full 36 hours, straight through Tuesday July 17th! If the deals are structured like previous years, a bunch of deals will load on the 16th and then the bulk of the deals will load at 3:00 AM EST on July 17th. What do I need to know about Prime Day?

What Should I Expect on Prime Day?

Prime Day deals are available in 4 different formats. For more info on each format, we have a more in-depth post here.

  1. Deal of the Day: Many of the best Prime Day deals will be in a Deal of the Day type format. These deals are available for a specific period of time (usually all day or until they sell out). The first deals will load at 3 PM EST on Monday, July 16th. On Prime Day, new deals have loaded periodically throughout the day and as other deals have sold out.
  2. Lightning Deals: There are THOUSANDS of Prime Day Lightning Deals. Lightning deals start at a specific time and run for about 3 hours or until sell out. Some deals sell out in minutes
  3. Promo Codes: One of the highlights of Prime Day is that there are typically a couple of category wide promo codes available to Prime Members. In previous years, there have been codes for Clothing & Shoes, Books, & Luxury Beauty.
  4. Coupons: Prime Day isn’t just for big purchases. Some of the best Prime Day deals were on everyday household items including diapers, wipes, laundry detergent, paper towels, snacks and more!  Many of these coupons will be even better when you order with Subscribe & Save. If you aren’t familiar with Subscribe & Save, I suggest you check out Amazon’s FAQ here

Top Tips for a Successful Prime Day?

In years past, many Prime Day deals have been better than Black Friday. While you could try to figure it all out yourself, you don’t have to! Prime Day is one of our favorite days of the year. We share the best deals for close to 36 hours straight (Who needs sleep when there’s a sale?)

  1. You will want to join Facebook deals group Kids Steals & Deals. The group is the easiest place for us to post quickly and you also get the benefit of hearing the experiences and product recommendations of the more than 90K moms in the group. Once you are in the group, turn your notifications on so you know when deals are posted.
  2. Sign up for Prime if you don’t have it. You must be a Prime Member to shop. If you are not a member, sign up for a free 30-day trial here!
  3. Check out the Prime Day Landing Page. This is where all of the deals will be organized (it’s live now).
  4. Download the Amazon App here. You will be able to make a list and be notified when the deals go live!
  5. Make a list. While you will be tempted by plenty of awesome deals, you still want to get the things you need to stock up on!

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