Amazon Lightning Deals Top Tips

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With the holidays approaching, Amazon Lightning Deals can be a great way to grab great deals on gifts for family and friends.  This Black Friday, Amazon is promising thousands of Lightning Deals on top products.  For many of them, you will have stiff competition! In many cases, a deal offers Prime Early Access, where Prime Members get a 30 minute head start on a deal.  If you are not a Prime Member, you can try a free 30-day trial here.  Perfect timing as 30 days will cover you through most of the Holiday season.  Here are top tips for snagging a deal!

  1. Plan your day: Amazon Lightning Deals are posted up to 24 hours in advance (sometimes more).  You can check them all out here! To make it easier, you can add filters as seen below, like this one for Toys.Amazon Lightening Deals Tips
  2. At deal time, be in the RIGHT place: Many people add items to the cart ahead of time or they wait in the items for the deal to start.  On a very popular deal, this will slow you down and you may lose the deal! Instead – watch for the deal on this page! You can see the deals counting down.  When the deal goes live, the “add to cart” button will appear! Click that button as quickly as possible!Amazon Lightening Deals Tips
  3. Waitlist: If a deal sells out before you can grab it, you can always waitlist.  Many people add deals and then decide whether or not to purchase. The deal will stay in a cart for 15 minutes before dropping out and becoming available again.  If the deal becomes available to you, a pop-up will come up near your cart.  You will have 5 minutes to click the “add to cart” option.  You can also set notifications in the Amazon App. (This link will also give you $5 credit for your first App purchase)

Hope this helps everyone snag the deals they want this Holiday Season! Happy Bargain Hunting!

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