BabyGanics Class Action Lawsuit – What You Need to Know

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We all want the best for our babies. Many parents prefer to choose “natural” products to reduce their babies chemical exposure and because certain product labeling and marketing terms imply a level of product safety. Parents rely on the labeling of products to make informed product decisions. A very recent class action lawsuit challenges BabyGanics labeling and marketing of their products which means that as a consumer, you may be entitled for compensation if you have used BabyGanics products.

What is the BabyGanics Class Action Lawsuit about?

In court papers, the class action suit alleges that BabyGanics “violated certain laws in marketing and sales of Babyganics Products, including the use of the terms “Babyganics,” “mineral-based,” and “natural.” Specifically, “the Settlement of this lawsuit will also resolve claims relating to subsets of Babyganics Products labeled with the terms “plant-based,” “tear-free,” and “SPF 50+.” 

It is important to note that BabyGanics has not admitted to any wrongdoing and that the settlement was reached to avoid additional legal costs.

What are the BabyGanics Class Action Lawsuit Eligibility Requirements?

If you purchased any of the BabyGanics products listed here between September 6, 2010 and June 26th 2018, you are eligible to participate in the class action law suit. Information on how to file a claim is located here. Be sure to fully read the information provided. When you file a claim, you do waive certain rights to additional legal action. The available settlement is just over $2M. The amount qualified claims will receive will depend on the number and value of claims filed. The deadline to file a claim is October 29th, 2018.

Do I need Proof of Purchase?

According to the claim form, up to 8 items can be claimed without proof of purchase. Not many of us save receipts from 8 years ago, BUT in some cases there may be a purchasing trail! Here are some tips to finding those receipts.

  • Search your email. If you purchased online, you were sent a confirmation and/or shipment notice. If you are like me and never clean out your inbox, you may be surprised to find your receipts all there.
  • Check your Amazon Order History here. If you are a member of our Facebook Kids Steals & Deals Group, you have probably purchased plenty of BabyGanics products over the years through various deals. I was able to find my purchases back to 2011! You may be able to find similar info from you order history at other retailers like Target and Walmart.

Does this mean BabyGanics products are bad?

No. As mentioned above, the company has made no admission of wrongdoing.  It does serve as a reminder to look beyond the labeling and marketing of products. BabyGanics has a TON of information on their website here that speaks to their product formulation and standards. These lawsuits are not uncommon – many of you will remember a similar suit regarding The Honest Company’s products last year. 

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