No, You Don’t Need A Card for Kohl’s Black Friday Deals…

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Kohl's Black Friday Deals

The first stage of Kohl’s Black Friday Deals kicks off at 12:01 AM CST (1:01 AM EST) tonight! The majority of their Black Friday Deals will load, with the exception of the Doorbusters that do not load until 1:01 AM CST on Thursday. As always, we will be posting the deals live as they load on our Facebook Page and in our Private Facebook Group The Find. If you’re not a member you can join here. For more information on how to make the best of Black Friday, check out our post here!

It is a common preconception that you need a Kohl’s card to shop at Kohl’s, but that is not the case. In fact, when you shop Kohl’s Black Friday, there is no difference in the deals for Cardholders. In reality, EVERYONE should shop Kohl’s Black Friday if they have items that they are looking for. Often times no other retailer comes close to offering some of the most popular brands at their prices. Of course, there is a bit of a catch. A big part of Kohl’s deals is the Kohl’s Cash and Yes2Rewards that you receive. This piece really seems to trip people up, but it shouldn’t. With the right strategy, you can spread your holiday budget MUCH FURTHER! Here’s everything you need to know to score the best Kohl’s Black Friday Deals!

What is Kohl’s Cash?

As I mentioned, the big part of Kohl’s Black Friday deals is the Kohl’s Cash. Kohl’s Cash is offered periodically throughout the year. It is normally $10 for every $50 spent, but from 11/25 – 11/29 you will receive $15 for every $50 spent. The catch is that the Kohl’s cash has to be redeemed within a certain time frame. In this case, you will have from 11/30 – 12/5 to redeem it. The nice thing about Kohl’s Cash is that you can earn it on any purchase and redeem it on any purchase.

How Do You Use Kohl’s Cash?

Kohl’s cash is a critical component of Kohl’s Black Friday Deals. The key is to use the Kohl’s Cash on things that are not coupon-eligible, like Legos, Toys, adidas, Nike, and Under Armour – even better if they are marked down. One great example is how our group members have used Kohl’s Cash with a recent Nintendo Switch Deal (now sold out). They paid $379.99 for the new Switch Console, Mario Party game and a Case. Then they received back $70 in Kohl’s Cash and $15 in Yes2You rewards. They then used the Kohl’s Cash to buy an additional game for $60 and still had $25 either toward another game or something else. So for $379.99 they got the new Switch Console, 2 games and a case for $379.99 + an extra $25 in Kohl’s Cash (retail value of $419.99). That’s some great savings!

What Are Yes2You Rewards?

Yes2You Rewards come from the Kohl’s Rewards Program. This is something that you can sign up for free here. Similar to Kohl’s Cash you can earn and use Yes2You Rewards on anything. You earn $5 of Yes2You rewards for every $100 you spend. Occasionally there are promos for double rewards. Yes2You Rewards credit at the beginning of the month for the prior months purchases and are good through the following month.

Can Kohl’s Cash Be Used with Promo Codes?

YES! And that is the best part. Kohl’s Cash can be used with any offer, even stackable offers. The key is to understanding what order Kohl’s applies promotions in. The order of application of Kohl’s promo codes is always the same. First Kohl’s Cash and Yes2You are applied. Then dollar value promo codes. Last are percent off codes. You can always stack a dollar value code with a percent off. Sometimes there is a category percent code that can be stacked with another percent code. You generally cannot stack universal percent off codes. Piecing all of these things together is how you score the best Kohl’s Black Friday deals!

For example, lets say you are buying a $100 Coffee Maker. You have $15 in Kohl’s Cash and $5 in Yes2You rewards, there is a $10 off $50 Home purchase code and a 20% off sitewide code. In this case the math would look like this: $100 – $20 (Kohl’s Cash + Yes2You) – $10 ($10 off $50) – 20% = $56. This is what you would pay for the Coffee Maker.

What are the best Kohl’s Black Friday Deals?

On Black Friday, Kohl’s kills it in price controlled promos, kitchen electrics and vacuums. There are plenty of other great Kohl’s Black Friday Deals, but these categories are by far the best to shop! Here are a couple of examples.

  • Fitbit Versa – The Fitbit Versa has a Black Friday price of $149.99. You cannot use a promo code on it, so you pay $149.99 no matter what. BUT then you get $45 in Kohl’s Cash and $5 in Yes2You Rewards toward a future purchase. This means the effective price of the Fitbit Versa at Kohl’s is $99.99. Not too shabby! Grab one here! Kohl’s always rounds up when something ends in 99 cents. So $49.99 will still earn you the $15 in Kohl’s Cash, which is nice since buying cheap useless things to get it is a little annoying.
  • Barbie Dreamhouse – The Barbie Dreamhouse is the bane of every Barbie-loving girl mama’s existence right now. It’s price controlled and excluded from promo codes. If you get one for less than the listed price, it’s because someone messed up (which has happened in the past). When Kohl’s goes live tonight – if you are in the market, SNAP UP THE DREAMHOUSE. You will pay $179.99 (if the price stays the same), but you will earn $45 in Kohl’s Cash and $5 in Yes2You Rewards. This makes the effective price considering those $129.99. Even if the Dreamhouse drops down elsewhere, the likelihood of it going that low is not good. Might as well add it to your cart here and be ready to go at 12 AM CST. It will go fast. Other toys people will be jumping for are the Melissa & Doug Grocery, LOL Surprise Chalet, Hot Wheels Colossal Crash Set, & Power Wheels 12 Volt Ride-On Vehicles.
  • Car Seats and Strollers – If these prices hold, you will want to RUN to grab a car seat if you are in the market! Right now the Graco 4ever Extend2Fit is down to $244.99. Again, promo codes don’t apply here, but you will walk away with $60 in Kohl’s Cash and $10 in Yes2You rewards – add $5 to your cart and the Kohl’s Cash jumps up to $75! There are other markdowns and they carry Britax and Chicco as well!
  • Vacuums – Kohl’s is hands down often the best place to grab a new vacuum on Black Friday. Their sale prices are similar to competitors so the Kohl’s Cash and rewards really sweeten the deal. Here are some vacuum deals we know we will see!
    • Shark Ion Flex DuoClean Cordless or Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away TruePet – $199.99, use code THANKS15 to bring it down to $169.99 + $45 in KC + $5 in Yes2You
    • Bissell Crosswave – $199.99, use code THANKS15 to bring it down to $169.99 + $45 in KC + $5 in Yes2You
    • Shark R75 Robot – $159.99 when you use code THANKS15 + $45 in Kohl’s Cash and $5 in Yes2You
    • Roomba E5 – $329.99, use code THANKS15 to bring it down to $280.49 + $90 in Kohl’s Cash & $10 in Yes2You
    • Dyson V10 – $349.99 + $105 in Kohl’s Cash & $15 in Yes2You
    • Dyson V11 – $699.99 + $210 in Kohl’s Cash and $35 in Yes2You – there aren’t likely to be many, if any deals on this brand new Dyson stick!
  • Kitchen Electrics – this is another area where Kohl’s is AWESOME! Here are some of the deals we are expecting

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