The Best Amazon Prime Day Baby Deals 2018

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Prime Day Baby Sales and Amazon Prime Day Baby Deals
When it comes to Baby Deals, Prime Day is one of the BEST days of the year for savings. In the past there have been plenty of Amazon Prime Day baby deals for moms to stock up on. Prime Day 2018 is likely to be just as good, if not better. Here’s what we know and what to watch for to hit up all of the Prime Day Baby Sales!

When is Prime Day this year?

Prime Day starts Monday, July 16, 2018 at 3 PM EST and continues all the way through the 17th. The bulk of the deals will be posted on July 17th. The Amazon Prime Day landing page is update with more info as it becomes available. We will update in our Facebook Group Kids Steals & Deals as deals start loading! Click here to join!

What are the best Amazon Prime Day baby deals?

Prime Day always has TONS of baby deals! As explained in our post of Prime Day’s top tips here, there are a couple of different types of deals on Prime Day. The Amazon Prime Day Baby Deals usually fall into a couple of distinct categories.

Prime Day Baby Diaper Deals

Prime Day is probably the #1 day of the year to stock up on diapers. In years past we have seen savings of up to 70% on popular brands like Pampers, Huggies, Babyganics and Seventh Generation. In the past, many of the Prime Day diaper deals have allowed for multiple uses of the code or to buy multiple boxes of different sizes. For these deals, you really want to join our private group Kids Steals & Deals and make sure you turn your notification on! We will post the deals to Facebook as soon as they load and they sell out fast! We will also post a summary of 2018 Prime Day Diaper Deals here, but it’s a little more time consuming!

Prime Day Baby Coupons

In addition to Prime Day Diaper Deals, there are typically several different Prime Day coupon promotions for a wide variety of baby products. Past years have included baby wipes, bubble bath, baby shampoo, formula and more! With many of these coupons, you can select Subscribe & Save to save even more!

Prime Day Baby Lightning Deals

In years past, Prime Day has been heavy on Baby Lightning Deals. You can expect to see deals for baby carriers, car seats, feeding accessories and more. Check out our full tracking post of 2018 Prime Day Baby Lightning Deals here! As soon as the deals load, we will be sorting through and picking out the best ones.

Prime Day Baby Sales

In addition to lightning deals and coupons, there will also be several Prime Day baby sales. There is usually a promotion for baby clothing and shoes (last year was 30% off).  There are also car seat deals and Deal of the Day style sales. You can keep up with all of the Prime Day baby sales on the Prime Day landing page here and in our Facebook Group Kids Steals & Deals here.

Best Prime Day Baby Deals 2018

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