Books for Women’s History Month!

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It’s March, which means it’s Women’s History Month! What a great time to spend some time learning about some of the world’s greatest women with your kids! I personally love to read a good biography and have found that my kids are just as excited to learn about people from around the world. In celebration, I have put together some of our favorite books for Women’s History Month with a focus on great women in history that appeal to a wide range of ages and reading abilities.

The first couple books, 100 Women Who Made History and from Amelia to Zora, are great books for quick facts and snippets. Both contain smaller stories and facts about a wide range of famous women in history. These are great for all ages and reading abilities (with help for younger kids).

The next range of books are both series that celebrate a range of famous historical figures. The Ordinary People Change the World series focuses on men and women throughout history telling their stories in first person. These are BY FAR some of our family’s FAVORITE books! They have several books about women including Amelia Earhart, Jane Goodall, Helen Keller & Rosa Parks. I am Amelia Earhart is currently just $6.49 (several others are as well)! Little People, Big Dreams is a newer series that tends to focus on more contemporary famous female figures such as Marie Curie, Frida Kalho, and Maya Angelou. They are great books if you are looking for some less “common” female heroines, but the Ordinary People Change the World is more engaging (at least in my opinion).

Finally I wanted to share some books that my children (K & 1st) are beginning to read independently (and with great interest)! The National Geographic Biography Series has a number of books divided into 3 reading levels. Level 1 is great for my Kindergartner who is just learning to read. For Owen (1st), Level 2 is a relatively easy read while Level 3 is definitely a challenge (and a bit longer than is attention span). You can buy these books on Amazon, but if your kids have access to a tablet, I HIGHLY recommend Epic! Epic has a great selection of books for Women’s History Month and beyond (Including the Nat Geo). While the Nat Geo books run about $4 each, Epic is $4.99 a month. What a great value for kids that love to read! You can grab a free 30-day trial here!
Books for Women's History Month

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