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How do I buy DotDotSmile

If you spend any time on Facebook, you may have noticed that DotDotSmile is starting to take over! I had heard a lot about the dresses and when I was approached by Lindsay Vartanian and Jen Flaim to do a review in exchange for a dress so I jumped at the chance! If you’re anything like me, you have some questions about DotDotSmile and how to get your hands on a dress! Plus I bet you are dying to read our DotDotSmile Review! (PSST… There’s an offer at the end)

So what is DotDotSmile?

What is DotDotSmileDotDotSmile (DDS) is a girls’ clothing brand of dresses and rompers. The dresses have an irresistible twirl effect (once your daughter figures out the twirl, every dress she owns will have to twirl in some capacity). You might have heard that DDS is Lularoe’s kids’ line. Wellllll kinda, the founder of DotDotSmile is a daughter of the founder of Lularoe. So they are a related, but separate and distinct brands. The patterns and fabrics do have a bit of a Lularoe feel and I believe they use many of the same suppliers and factories.

How do I buy DotDotSmile?

How do I buy DotDotSmileDotDotSmile is purchased through independent consultants like Lindsay and Jen. One reason that DDS is often associated with Lularoe is because they use the same stock fulfillment process. Consultants do not get to select their stock. Their orders are randomly fulfilled and they get a variety of patterns and sizes. All dress are $32 (plus shipping). Most consultants have Facebook Groups. Dotdotsmile Lindsay Vartanian VIPDotDotSmile with Jen Flaim VIPs are two groups from which you can purchase (just click on the names to join).  More groups can be found through word of mouth or by putting DotDotSmile into search. When stock comes in, consultants typically set a time for either an album load (all items loaded to the group at once) or a live sale (where the consultant uses FB Live to preview the items). Consultants also sometimes sell in Buy, Sell, Trade groups like Twirl: BST for Alice + Ames (and other twirly things). Twirl is also a great place to sell outgrown dresses or dresses that don’t work out. (New to selling online, check out our tutorial here)

Our DotDotSmile Review

What is DotDotSmileTo be honest, out of the mailbox, I wasn’t super impressed. The fabric felt nice (a silky polyester/spandex mix),but the patterns were a little loud for me. As soon as I took them out though, I knew that my daughter was going to absolutely love them. I was right. We received a tank dress from the Patriotic collection and a cap sleeve dress from the Hello Tosha collaboration. Getting my daughter to try them on wasn’t hard (sometimes this requires a bit of bribery). The fit was perfect on her. She is 49″ and about 52 lbs wearing a size 5/6. She is 6/7 and 7 in most brands, so I would say the brand runs a bit big. The loud patterns? They grew on me. So much so that we have a lovely little ice cream print on the way!

Ready to grab yours? For a limited time, Lindsay and Jen are offering free shipping to Kidz Buyz‘ Followers. To redeem, simply join their groups and wait for their newest stock to load. When you claim a dress, pm them to let them know that Kidz Buyz sent you and they will ship your dress for free! You can join Lindsay’s group here, and Jen’s group here.  Want to win a dress? Head over to the Kidz Buyz FB page! The giveaway will be open from now through July 28th!

DotDotSmile Review

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