Get Festive with Matching Family Holiday Pajamas!

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Starting to think about the Holidays? Start a new tradition with matching family holiday pajamas! This trend has really taken off over the past couple years. What started as matching sibling has blown up into full family matching pajamas. It really is a lot of fun! Kids love matching with their parents and cute, comfy styles make for memorable family photos. There are a lot of options from budget-friendly lines at Target to the high quality organic pajamas that Hanna Andersson is famous for. Whether you are looking for matching Christmas pajamas or matching Hanukkah pajamas, one thing is certain, if you are looking for a full family match, you probably want to start early! Popular sizes and styles do sell out. For deals on pajamas and more for the holidays, be sure to join our kids deals Facebook Group Kidz Steals and Deals! We post great deals daily and they often sell out fast!

Hanna Andersson Matching Family Holiday Pajamas

Hanna Andersson offers a wide range of holiday designs ranging from classic stripes to fun prints. Their high quality 100% organic cotton pajamas are very soft and comfortable. Designed to be handed down among siblings, they wash beautifully with minimal, if any, fade or wash wear. I have matched my kids in Hanna Anderson Holiday Pajamas for years. They are a part of our Christmas Eve tradition of holiday shoe boxes. Choose your own set from stripes, fair isle, yetis & gnomes here!

Hanna Andersson Matching Family Christmas Pajamas

Burt’s Bees Matching Family Christmas Pajamas

Burt’s Bees Baby also offers a line of matching Christmas pajamas that are available at Burt’s Bees BabyTarget and Kohl’s. Similar to Hanna Andersson, the Burt’s Bees Family Pajamas are also organic cotton, but are offered at a slightly lower price point. These have been VERY popular this year, so you may find yourself piecing a set together between retailers (Target is sold out of Men’s, while Kohl’s is sold out of some Women’s sizes)

Burt's Bees Matching Family Christmas Pajamas

Target Matching Holiday Pajamas

Target offers several options for matching holiday pajamas.  The highly anticipated Hearth & Hand line by Magnolia will be offering a set of green plaid pajamas that coordinates with their holiday line. I expect these to sell out fast as all pieces are under $24.99! The full line is set to launch November 5th in stores and online here.Target Matching Christmas Pajamas

In addition to the Magnolia line, Target also offers family pajama sets with Star Wars and the Grinch. Target is also among the few retailer to offer Matching Family Hannukah Pajamas (YAY Target!). Just note that the price tag comes with a compromise in quality – these sets have a high polyester content versus cotton. Check out all the pajamas offered this year at Target here!Matching Family Hannukah Pajamas

Pottery Barn Kids Matching Christmas Pajamas

Pottery Barn Kids also offers some matching Christmas Pajama options. They have a really cute Jolly Santa print and some classic styles as well. Their sets are 100% cotton and very high quality! Some can even be monogrammed for additional customization.Matching Family Pajamas

Other Family Matching Pajama Options

Family pajama sets have become so popular that it’s impossible to round them all up. Beyond the retailers above, there are many online retailers selling a wide variety of options.  A quick search of Amazon, AliExpress & PatPat offer a wide variety of options as various price points, you’ll notice many of the styles look the same (in some cases, they even look like some of the styles shown above). On one hand, the prices are great, much cheaper than most of the styles offered above. If you do choose to purchase from one of the above retailers or similar, be sure you ask yourself the following questions to help ensure you receive what you are expecting:

  1. Are there any reviews? The family matching pajama fad has exploded, which makes it ripe for exploitation. When purchasing from lesser know retailers, look for reviews (where available).
  2. What are the pajamas made of? Personally we prefer 100% cotton. Often, the cheaper styles have high polyester content, sometimes 100%. Also be aware that if they appear to be the same as a name brand and the stock photos are the same, what you get isn’t always what you are expecting.
  3. How is the sizing? When ordering from AliExpress and PatPat, most of the items are coming from China, which often runs small – checking reviews and size charts can help save the hassle of getting something that doesn’t fit.


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