Before you run to Target for this week’s Diaper Deal, READ THIS!

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Target Diaper Deal

A popular Target diaper deal started today! But before you print off a bunch of coupons and run to Target, let’s make sure you are getting the best deal! This week’s Target Diaper Deal goes as follows, you go to and print out coupons.  Head to the store and grab Super Packs for $24.29 each (so $48.98 out of pocket). Your coupons bring it down to $45.98. Then you get a Target Gift Card for $10 at check out. When you subtract out the gift card you get back, you will have spent $35.98 for anywhere between 100 & 200 diapers (depending on size/type). This means your spend per diaper will range from 12¢ and 36¢ per diaper! (But you have $10 more to spend at Target, YAY!)

First off, 12¢ and 36¢/diaper for Swaddlers or Baby Dry is NOT an amazing price. It is certainly not a “buy cases of diapers at this price” price. In our Facebook Group, Kidz Steals & Deals, we regularly feature diaper deals, often from Amazon & for as low as 8¢/diaper. It is important to note that Amazon Diaper Deals do require an Amazon Family Membership (free with Prime) + Subscribe & Save, but subscriptions can be cancelled at any time. If you are not a Prime Member, you can grab a 30-day trial here!

It turns out, that with an instant $3 coupon, Amazon has an option for Baby Dry and/or Swaddlers in every size that is cheaper than this week’s Target Diaper Deal! With the exception of a couple sizes, Amazon’s price per diaper is at least 5¢ CHEAPER! If you assume a child uses a minimum of 6 diapers/day the minimum savings of 5¢/diaper, you save a MINIMUM of $110/year on diapers. Consider that Prime Membership paid for (and you haven’t even bought anything else yet)!

Target Diaper Deal

If you have a child in diapers or are expecting, I do highly recommend becoming a Prime Member. The $99/year cost is easily justified by the benefits. They frequently have diaper, wipes and baby food deals that pay for the membership in a couple of months. In addition, we frequently use Prime Video, which even lets you download some movies and TV shows for offline use (super handy for trips). Finally, if you follow our Facebook group, we frequently post deals that are below the free shipping threshold for non-Prime members. You can save a TON of money on everyday household items, toys, clothing and shoes! You can sign up for Prime or grab a 30-day free trial here! If you are pregnant, you can even set up a Registry here for even more savings (no worries, it can be private)! Prime Members get a 15% off coupon for registry completion!

Diaper Deal


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