Kiwi Crate Black Friday Sale! (Early Access!!!)

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Looking for a unique Holiday Gift for the kids? Look no further than a Kiwi Crate brand Subscription! Starting today, you have early access to the Kiwi Crate Black Friday Sale! For a limited time, save 60% on your first month’s subscription with the promo code GIFT60. You can take advantage of additional savings by selecting a longer term subscription period, rather than month to month.

Kiwi Crate is a monthly subscription service that provides educational projects, crafts, and activities with various themes. A subscription begins $16.95 per month for the box — including shipping. Each box includes a couple projects, all the materials to complete those projects, plus a magazine/workbook that extends the learning with additional small projects.

There are 5 different types of crates targeted for various ages and interests – Cricket Crate (ages 0-2), Koala Crate (ages 3-4), Kiwi Crate (ages 4-8), Tinker Crate (ages 9-16) & Doodle Crate (ages 9-16). There are also two ways to get started! For a subscription starting in a specific month (like after the holidays), click here. You will be prompted to select a start month and your first crate will be the crate for that month. If you would like to choose the first crate, click here and select a crate. When you select one, you will see an option to choose that crate as the first in your subscription (note: there are a couple that don’t seem to have that option). This year’s Holiday Crates are also available for purchase – we have often grabbed these to make gifts for the grandparents. I also love the Mini Crates to have on hand for quick projects over the winter months.

We have subscribed to a crate for the kids for over a year. Currently, both kids are in the Kiwi Crate age range. Fortunately, there is great solution for similar-aged siblings! For $9.95, you can add additional materials to any Kiwi Crate.

I have been impressed with every crate we have received.  The themes are timely and engaging, often correlating to the changing of seasons. The supplies provided are high quality, with many of the printed items on thick card stock or foam board.  There are clear step-by-step instructions for each project, both graphic and text.  As kids get older, they progressively learn to follow the directions. Finally there is a booklet that extends the learning with additional activities and ideas.

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