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Kids grow fast! When my kids were first born, I would wistfully pack away their outgrown clothes and haul them down to the local consignment shop. I’m not going to lie, I buy way way too much. The consignment shop loved me. My children’s clothing was well cared for, never stained and often had little to no wear.  A month later I would go pick up my check and feel pretty great that I just made back $150.  Then before my daughter was born, I started trolling eBay looking for deals on some new brands I had discovered.  While I picked up some great deals, I also realized that I was not even getting close to what I should have been from consignment. I started listing my children’s outgrown clothing on eBay, bringing in quite a bit more than I was from consignment.  And then it happened, I discovered Facebook selling groups. I’ve since evolved quite a bit and now actually admin several Facebook Groups that specialize in the resale of premium clothing brands.  By learning how to sell your kids clothes on Facebook, you will be able to make back some cash to spend on the next season! Your money can go even further if you shop promos and end of season clearance sales. Joining a Facebook deals group like Kidz Steals and Deals will help you know when to buy at the best prices.

There are Facebook Groups for nearly every brand imaginable as well as some groups that are for a specific gender or collections of brands.  When you first join, it’s overwhelming, but with a few pointers, you will fit in fast!

First – learn the lingo… BST stands for Buy, Sell, Trade… these are all types of transactions that occur on the boards.  You will find a variety of clothing in various conditions.

NWT means New with Tag.  Yup – people sell new items. Sometimes it easier than returning. Other times, they are like me and buy way more than a child could ever wear in a season. Either way, it’s often a great way to snag something brand new at a lower than retail price.

EUC stands for Excellent Used Condition.  These items should almost look new. They have often been worn but once or twice. Depending on the brand, the item may have been line dried to prevent shrink and fade.

VGUC means Very Good Used Condition.  These are items that have been worn more frequently, but still show little wash wear or fade.  They are also free from holes, stains and other defects.

GUC and Play condition are interchangeable to me. These items have more wash wear, fade and possibly stains or holes (as disclosed by the seller).  While it may seem that there wouldn’t be a market for such items, priced right, it really moves and you pick up an extra couple of bucks from something you likely would have tossed.

Second– Get your funds ready.  Paypal is the currency of choice. Transactions are done through Paypal using the “goods” feature. This ensures that you have PayPal Buyer Protection for every purchase you make. If you do not receive your purchase or it is not as described, you can resolve this issue through the PayPal Resolution Center. You can also contact a board admin for assistance.

Third– Find a group. Groups are available for nearly every brand of clothing. Some groups are for the sale of categories of clothing or shoes.  Here is a sampling of Facebook Groups available. Be sure to review the rules upon joining every group.

Mini Boden Resell – A large boys group for Mini Boden, Baby Boden & Johnnie BFrugi, Hanna Andersson, Joules and a couple other UK Brands.

Boden Love – A large girls group for Mini Boden, Baby Boden & Johnnie BFrugi, Hanna Andersson, Joules and a couple other UK Brands.

Little Citizens: Tea Collection Resell – A group for both Girls and Boys Tea Collection

Tea Collection Clothing Boys BST – A group for Boys Tea Collection

Finally – Grab your shipping supplies! Amazon is the cheapest option for supplies.  Shipping online through PayPal will save you some cash and a trip to the post office… here are the basics you need to ship.  The savings in postage and convenience will quickly offset the investment. If you are new to shipping, check out our tutorial here!


Happy Selling! Feel free to comment with any questions!!!


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