Limited Release: Tea Collection Favorites!

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If you’ve been browsing the Tea Collection site, you may have noticed that what looks like some older line styles have popped up smack dab in the middle of Australia! Upon closer inspection, you may have noticed some slight differences or the product descriptions describing the line the style came from.  These are not quite the same styles released over the past 7 years, but they are certainly inspired by some popular Tea Collection favorites.  In some cases, you will immediately notice differences, in others there aren’t many. We put all the styles side by side to compare the originally released piece with newly inspired piece! Each of the picture collages are clickable. The old style’s link will bring you to the catalog the piece appeared in (a great chance to reminisce), the new style’s link will bring you to the newly released product.

The best place to start is the girl’s tees. Overall, not many differences. The new tees are on the top row. The Catalonia Pajarito cut has been modernized a bit. The print placement of the India Peacock Tee appears a bit different. Tre Gusti became the Italy Gelato Tee, but that seems like it (maybe slightly softer colors, we’ll have to see in real life)!

The boy’s tees get a little more complicated! The new tees are on the top row. The Catalonia Guitarra Tee graphic looks largely the same, but it has picked up the current boy’s cut on tees. The Morocco Lion Tee appears to be a bit softer in color. The South Africa Whale Tee is the most different. As you can see in the bottom row below, the original tee was distressed. The new tee (top) is not and the graphic looks to be more white than beige.

The dresses is where it starts to get fun! The Morocco Majorelle Flutter (right) looks mostly the same, just possibly a slight adjustment in the sleeves.

The new India Holi Wrap Neck Dress (right) also does not deviate much from the original (left). The cut looks slightly different (likely a season to season style adjustment) and the colors look like they might be a bit softer than the original.

The new Morocco Rose Twirl (right) also has very minor changes. The bottom of the dress has been updated to the current twirl style. The background of the dress also appears to be lighter (though it may be the photography).

The new Protea Wrap Neck Dress (right) is where the bigger deviations from the original start. First is the solid trim. The original (left) had Powder Blue Mini Stripe Trim. I was really excited to have those leggings to match the new Protea, but it appears that I won’t need them! The print and the red pepper color on the newly released dress also look much brighter. The good news is that it still appears to make a great brother/sister set with the Whale Tee!

Finally the biggest differences are on the Korea Camellia Wrap Neck Dress (right). Totally makes sense, the original (left) was initially released in 2010 and the style is a bit dated. It has been fully updated to the new wrap style, replacing the gathered elastic waistband and sleeves with the more current solid band and flutter sleeves. The color also appears to have a bit more life. I’m excited for this dress!

You may have mentioned that I left the Italy Limoni Mighty Mini dress out of the comparison. It appears to be exactly.the.same.dress, which I can’t complain about one bit! I was one of our FAVORITE Italy dresses. I couldn’t order this dress fast enough on Friday! I’m very excited to have that one back this summer!

Overall, I’m very happy with this release of Tea Collection favorites! While I do love the new styles, the older prints bring back a sense of nostalgia as I remember my kids wearing them as they’ve grown.
Tea Collection Favorites

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