Prime Day 2017 is Coming! Here’s Your Guide to the best Prime Day Deals!

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Prime Day Deals, Prime Day 2017What is Prime Day?

Prime Day is Amazon’s HUGE one-day sale event. There are thousands of Prime Day deals on everything from diapers to electronics.

When is Prime Day 2017?

It’s official, Prime Day will be a 30-hour event this year! It kicks off at 9:00 PM EST on July 10th and continues through the day on July 11th!!! One thing is clear, this sale is an amazing opportunity to grab some crazy Prime Day deals. In my opinion, there are better deals in more categories than Black Friday! While we never know how Amazon may change things up this year, past years give us a pretty good idea of what to expect. The deals cross all categories and deal formats.

What do I need to know about Prime Day?

  1. You must be a Prime Member to shop. If you are not a member, I recommend signing up for a 30 day free trial here. Prime Membership would be critical on Prime Day regardless. To catch deals, you often need to check out quickly, so you will want free Prime Shipping with no minimum purchase.
  2. Prime Day is not magical. It is not an Amazon clearance sale. If you see something you need at a great price leading up to Prime Day, you should not “wait for Prime Day”. Just like Black Friday, there is not a universal drop in prices, there are deals on specific items and categories. In fact, last year, there was an ENTIRE WEEK of deals leading up to Prime Day! A deal offered in this time frame is unlikely to be duplicated for Prime Day. Last year, Amazon created a landing page here for all the deals. I would expect this page to update when Prime Day is announced!
  3. There are literally THOUSANDS of deals! There’s a good chance you will never even see half of them! One way to combat that is to follow our Facebook Page and join our Facebook Group Kidz Steals and Deals.  We are up at 3 AM on Prime Day (East Coasters) and literally spend the entire day posting the best deals we find! There is no better way to get the deals handed to you. Some sell out so fast that we wouldn’t even have enough time to do a full blog post. If you’re not a member, click here and hit “Join”. It’s an awesome group, you’ll love it!

What are the best Prime Day Deals?

  1. Deal of the Day: Many of the best Prime Day deals will be in a Deal of the Day type format. These deals are available for a specific period of time (usually all day or until they sell out). This is where you will typically find Amazon Devices like Kindle and Echo. In the past, this is where deals like Instant Pot and Roomba have been listed. The first deals will load at 12:00 AM PST. On Prime Day, new deals have loaded periodically throughout the day and as other deals have sold out.
  2. Lightning Deals: Last year there were THOUSANDS of Lightning Deals. So many that you could really only preview what was coming for the next hour or so. Last year, we had discussion threads for Lightning Deals in our Facebook Group Kidz Steals and Deals. The threads weed out some of the less desirable items and highlight those upcoming deals that members are likely to be interested in. Lightning Deals are typically for a shorter period of time (about 3 hours or until sell out) and have a much more limited quantity. Last years’ most popular Lightning Deals were for toys, GoPro, televisions and (for our FB Group) Lillebaby Baby Carriers. For tips on how to have the best chance at scoring a Lightning Deal, check out our post here.
  3. Promo Codes: One of the highlights of Prime Day is that there are typically a couple of category wide promo codes available to Prime Members. In previous years, there have been codes for Clothing & Shoes, Books, & Luxury Beauty. They ranged from 20% off to $10 off $50, but are a great opportunity to stock up on your favorite beauty products, update your kids’ books or grab some school clothes for fall! Our Facebook Group Kidz Steals and Deals comes in handy again here because members help one another find great deals for using the promo codes. (Note that sometimes these codes are single use, so be sure you understand the terms before jumping the gun)!
  4. Coupons: Prime Day isn’t just for big purchases. Some of the best Prime Day deals were on everyday household items including diapers, wipes, laundry detergent, paper towels, snacks and more! We posted most of these types of deals to our Facebook Page for Grocery Deals. Many of these coupons were even sweeter when you selected Subscribe & Save, which allows you to save up to an additional 15% when you have 5 or more items for the month. If you aren’t familiar with Subscribe & Save, I suggest you check out Amazon’s FAQ here!

All in all, Prime Day 2017 is guaranteed to be a ton of fun and it’s even more fun when shopping with friends! We hope you’ll join and follow our Facebook Group here to jump in on the fun! That’s where the majority of the deals will be posted!

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