Roomba Deals are Back! Better than Black Friday Prices!

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A Roomba is one of those things. You hear people gush about them and think “they can’t be that amazing”. After buying one Black Friday weekend, I’m here to tell you it is! Our Roomba takes a quick cruise around the main floor most nights. With two dogs and 3 kids, there is seldom a night that the bin isn’t filled with dust, tracked in dirt and pet hair. It’s really a must have for any busy family and with some price drops at Kohl’s, we’re seeing some of the best Roomba Deals to date! There are two models to choose from.

Roomba DealsThe Roomba 620 is a basic model. It runs for 60 minutes and uses a 3 stage cleaning system. It does not have scheduling capabilities or come with any “invisible barriers” to wall off rooms. To use it you will need to turn it on each time. Regular price is $419.99. It is marked down to $319.99.  Kohl’s Cardholders can use code BEACH30 to bring it down to $223.99 + $40 Kohl’s Cash (making it $183.99 after Kohl‘s Cash – LOWEST price I have EVER seen). Non-Cardholders can use code BUYQUICK to get it for $255.99 + $50 Kohl’s Cash. You can grab the 620 model here!

Roomba DealsYour other option is the Roomba 761. This is the model that we have. It is a bit more advanced. It has sensors to adapt to your floor plan, It also comes with 2 “virtual walls” that allow you to contain the vacuum to one area. It has a HEPA filter for those with allergies. Finally, you can set a cleaning schedule and the Roomba 761 will automatically undock, clean and re-dock for charging when finished (there is also a remote). This model is $579.99 regular price, but it is marked down to $449.99.  Kohl’s Cardholders can use code BEACH30 to bring it down to $314.99. Plus you also get $60 Kohl’s Cash, bringing the price after Kohl’s Cash down to $254.99! I actually paid more over Black Friday weekend. If you are not a cardholder, you can use promo code BUYQUICK to bring it down to $359.99, plus $70 in Kohl’s Cash bringing it down to $289.99 after Kohl’s Cash. You can grab the 761 model here! (PS – I personally think the extra features are worth the extra $60)



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