Plae Shoes Deal! Save with the new Level Up Rewards program!

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Plae Shoes Deal

Looking for a Plae Shoes deal? I often get asked questions about how to get the best deal on Plae and it seems the answer has arrived! Plae has introduced Level Up Rewards, a new program that allows you to earn tokens when you make a purchase. Here’s how to join!

  1. Click this link to sign up (if you get an email pop-up, enter your email to join their mailing list and receive 10% off your first order. Don’t worry if it doesn’t pop up, I’ll show you where to grab that part of the deal in a second).
  2. Once you enter all your information, you will receive 500 tokens worth $5 toward a purchase
  3. Along the top banner, there is a box where you can enter your email to get a 10% off code. If you don’t see it immediately, scroll down a bit and the banner will change to black and you will see this: plaeemail
  4. Once you have your tokens and code, go shopping! Not only will you save 10% + $5 by using tokens, but you will also earn points on your order toward a future order! Plus, shipping is free!

We have about 20 pairs of Plae in our closet, ranging in style and size (I often buy ahead). But we have a couple go-to styles that I want to share!

Plae Shoes Deal

Plae Shoes Deal

Nat and Ty are my son’s favorite. I have to buy multiple sizes of a color and introduce new colors slowly. These are the first shoes that he has truly grown attached to! Clicking on either image, will bring you to them on the Plae site.

Plae Shoes Deal Plae Shoes Deal

For my daughter, it’s a bit more complicated, because if you know me, I spend A LOT of time contemplating her wardrobe (remember, we’re judgement-free here). However, the reality of Kindergarten is that she also needs shoes that she can run and play easily in. For this fall, I’ve chosen the Mary Jane style Emme and a silver (fairly neutral, right?) Ty. Clicking on the pics will bring you to them.

Plae Shoes Deal Plae Shoes Deal

If you’re a uniform family, Plae also has you covered! As a result of customer feedback, they introduced two of their most popular shoes in a uniform-friendly black! Makes it much easier to conform and stay comfy.

Finally, I can’t share my love for Plae without talking about how well they wear and how easily they wash. You can throw them right in the washer! They come out looking great and dry quickly. They also have interchangeable tabs. This means that they fit a wide variety of feet (from what I’ve heard, they even work well for braces). You can buy additional tabs on the site for $4.95.

If you’ve made it this far, thanks for listening to me gush about Plae. If you haven’t bought before, I’m hoping these saving tips can help you score your first pair. If you’re a loyal fan like I am then the rewards program should help you stretch your buck further. You can click here to join and get started.



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