The Best Black Friday – Score the Best Deals without Leaving Your Couch!

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Black Friday is just under two weeks away and the days of trudging out to the store with a sink full of dishes are a thing of the past. Turns out that nearly all Black Friday deals are now available online. We’ll show you how to have the best Black Friday and score all the best deals without leaving your couch. But before we do, you should know that we share all of our best finds daily in our private Facebook Group The Find. If you’re not a member, head here and come join us! You’ll easily score the best deals and make some great mom friends in the process!

Understanding Black Friday

Before you pull out your credit card, it is extremely important that you understand exactly how Black Friday works. Many people are under the impression that Black Friday means buy all.the.things, but that is hardly the case!

In fact, at the big box stores, the opposite is often true. Black Friday is comprised of a collection of deals on the most popular gifts for the holidays. It’s very heavy in electronics, small kitchen appliances, vacuums & toys. It is often the best time to buy many of these items even if you’re shopping for yourself. It’s also important to note that many times, the best deals are actually BEFORE Black Friday…

This means, if you see a great price now, waiting until Black Friday to see if it gets better is not usually the best idea. Great deals sell out fast and may not even restock before Black Friday – unless it’s in an ad, never wait on a solid deal.

Getting the Best Black Friday Deals

Now that all of the Black Friday Ad Scans have released, we have a pretty good idea of what to expect in terms of pricing. But in a digital age where retailers monitor competitor pricing, nothing is certain. That means prices are always moving and even some of the ads are priced higher than the items currently are. For example, Walmart has the Little Tikes Adjust N’ Jam Basketball Set listed for $39.88 in it’s Black Friday Ad. But if you check it out now here, it’s already down to $29.98! Will it go back up on Black Friday? No idea – but if it’s on my list I’m not waiting to find out!

The Best Black Friday Doorbusters

Doorbusters are the sweet deals the crazies are waiting outside Walmart for HOURS for. They hope to score that big screen TV advertised for an absurdly low price. But if you’ve ever tried to score one, you quickly find that, in-store, these Doorbusters can be extremely limited. The Walmart ad is kind enough to give us store minimums for each of the Doorbusters. If you’re looking to score the Nintendo Switch Bundle, you can see that there are a minimum of 5 per store. Wait, what? That’s right! Each store has at least 5. Some larger markets may have 10. No one has hundreds of these hanging around, EXCEPT… That’s right! Your best shot at getting the Mario Kart Switch Bundle from Walmart. This is also true for many other deals. The Walmart sale will be online at 10 PM EST on Wednesday, November 25th to be exact!

Last year, our Facebook group members who were ready to go when the sale loaded had no problem scoring the bundle – they were actually in stock for 20-30 minutes. Walmart does a decent job of stocking their Doorbusters. On the other hand, if you pass up a Walmart bundle in favor of a Kohl’s bundle – you may find yourself sorely disappointed. Historically Video Game Console bundles have sold out in minutes at Kohl’s – which means I never recommend counting solely on Kohl’s for a Doorbuster deal!

Scoring the Deals

So how do you score those doorbusters? Easy! Come hang out with us in The Find Facebook group! It’s our Black Friday tradition to shop the best deals together as they load! It all kicks off at 10 PM EST on Wednesday, November 27th with Walmart’s Black Friday Sale. We’re crunching through the flyers now, pulling together the best bang for your buck and making some projections. We’ll let you know what we think will be the most popular and what your priorities should be. We keep it simple. Throw it in the cart, check out, head back in. When the sites crash, we have many of the direct links ready to the popular doorbusters you are looking for, reducing your browsing time!

After we cool down from Walmart, Best Buy & Kohl’s load simultaneously at 1 AM EST (sometimes Best Buy loads early). Between 2 AM + 3 AM we will usually see Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack load. At 3 AM, both Amazon & Target load simultaneously! Some items sell out in under 15 minutes. Others will still be there when the rest of the world wakes up. For our longtime members, this will be our 5th Black Friday shopping together! It’s really a lot of fun! If you’re not a member of The Find, you can join now here!

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  1. Jeanne
    November 15, 2019 / 11:05 pm

    Love it! Thank you so much for the inside scoop. I’m trying to get a Dyson cordless vacuum, electric blanket & throw. I love the thrill of the chase. I’ll be sitting up with you Wednesday night.

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