Save Money with the New Amazon Prime Pantry Subscription

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New Amazon Prime Pantry Subscription
Amazon has launched a new Prime Pantry membership service. Between Prime Pantry, Subscribe & Save and Amazon Fresh, Amazon is moving us closer and closer to being able to live in a self contained world where all of our daily needs are fulfilled by UPS and the mailman. Prime Pantry has been available for years. The premise is that for a flat shipping cost, you can fill a box with all your dry goods, beverages and household needs. The thing is that no one likes to pay shipping. Enter the new Amazon Prime Pantry membership service.

What is the new Amazon Prime Pantry membership option?

As mentioned above, Prime Pantry has historically charged flat shipping per box. There were ways to get free shipping, but it often included buying specific items that you may have not wanted or needed. The new Amazon Prime Pantry membership option is a $4.99 monthly recurring charge that gives you free shipping on all Pantry orders over $40. There are still coupons and ways to save additional money, but as long as you are over $40 on your orders, there is no shipping charge. Amazon is currently offering a free 30-day trial! Sign up here!

Is a Prime Pantry membership worth it?

That depends on how you will use it. Generally speaking, Prime Pantry prices are similar or slightly less than what you see at the grocery store or Target. Like retailers, there are specials and coupons. There is also a monthly promo to save $6 with the purchase of certain items here. Since the cost is $4.99/month, you want to be saving more than that on your order over grocery store prices. The more you order in a month, the less important this fee becomes.

Do I have to become a Prime Pantry member?

At the moment, no. It looks like you can continue to shop Prime Pantry, but you will pay $7.99 shipping per order. Ordering just once a month would save you money over not being a member, especially since they are still running the promos to save $5-$6 with the purchase of certain items (I can always easily find items we use). In writing this post, I found that they are now offering a Whole Foods section! If you live near a Whole Foods you probably don’t care, but if you’re like me (over an hour away), this might push me more in the Pantry direction. You can check out what is offered from Whole Foods here.  And while I don’t see anything now, I could in the future envision membership-only specials and promos, which would certainly give the membership more value. They always have great Prime Day Pantry deals as well. If you regularly use Prime Pantry now, the new membership will help you save a bit over what you are currently paying. Sign up for your free 30 day membership to try it out here!

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