Top Prime Day Baby Lightning Deals 2018

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Prime Day Baby Lightning Deals 2018

It’s coming! While we don’t yet know the date, Prime Day always has a TON of Baby Lightning Deals. This is where we will be listing of the top Prime Day Baby Lightning Deals for 2018 (be sure to bookmark or pin so you don’t lose it).  We will do our best to continue updating as the day goes on (to the best of our ability). For full Prime Day coverage, check out our private Facebook group here! You can also use the menu on this page to navigate to other Prime Day categories!  You can always check out all of the Baby Lightning Deals here! New to lightning deals? Check out our top tips for scoring one here!

What are the best Prime Day Baby Lightning Deals?

Last year there were a wide range of baby lightning deals available. Some sold out very quickly, so you will want to be ready to pounce. Here were some of the more popular deals from 2017 to give you an idea of what to expect:

Lightning Deals for Monday, 7/16/2018 – ALL TIMES ARE LISTED EST – click each product name for the link to the deal (prices will not load until the deal starts)

How do Prime Day Baby Lightning Deals work?

Lightning deals typically load 24 hours before they start. There is a landing page here where you can see all of the current and upcoming deals. Once the deals load, we should be able to see what is coming when. You never know the price until the deal starts. New deals typically start every 10 minutes for the baby category. When they sell out, there is usually a waiting list available. Be sure to jump on there if you really want the deal. Stock often falls out of people’s carts who do not check out on time. When they are fully sold out, the deal is over.

We will also following the top Prime Day Baby Lightning deals in our Facebook group. Be sure to bookmark this page for easy reference or follow our special Prime Day Pinterest Board here! If you are new to Prime Day, you may also find our guide helpful! Check it out here!

What other Prime Day Baby Deals are available?

Prime Day usually features deals on just about anything you could possibly need for your baby! For more info on what baby deals to expect, check out our post here!

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