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A couple months ago, a friend introduced me to Tubelox and a wave of nostalgia washed over me. I immediately remembered building with pipes and connectors and HAD to check them out! Our family LOVES to build. So I grabbed a set for Christmas, planning on it as a family gift. I chose the Deluxe Set because it was just a bit more than the Standard Set, but had nearly twice as many pieces (remember, I’m all about a good deal). Recently I was offered an opportunity to share Tubelox with my followers at a discount, soooo my Christmas plans went out the window and I pulled them out for the kids to give them a try. And, WOW, I’m really glad I did!

tubelox reviewOur family has three children (15, 6, & 5). A hallmark of a great toy around here is when ALL three kids are interested in playing. Tubelox won right out of the box. I was personally impressed with the quality of the plastic, it is sturdy, which means my kids will be able to enjoy playing with their creations without worry for broken pieces. My oldest, Ethan, grabbed the booklet right away
and got to work. The younger kids chose the helicopter. As Ethan made orders on piece type, color and quantity, they scrambled to collect the pieces. I honestly thought it would take him a couple hours to piece it together, but he was done in about 30 minutes and they were able to play with it (Yay for instant gratification)! The pieces were pretty easy to fit together and line up, but younger kids will likely need tubelox reviewsome help, at least until they get the hang of it. The final product was sturdy & functional (I even made my 6′ 1″, 140 lb son take it for a spin, though I wouldn’t recommend that be a regular thing)

Kidz Buyz has teamed up with Tubelox to offer you a pretty sweet deal! Now through Friday (12/9) use promo code KIDZSAVE60 to grab the Deluxe Set for $189! That’s $10 cheaper than the Standard Set with nearly half as many pieces! Plus shipping is free (and will arrive in plenty of time for the holidays)! As you can see below, this set is plenty big to make all sorts of designs. I will warn you though, I have already been told (by the 15 yo nonetheless) that we need more to build even bigger things! You can order your set here! (Don’t forget the code KIDZSAVE60).

Tubelox Review



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