How to Use Prime Pantry with Slow Shipping Credits

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How to Use Prime Pantry with Slow Shipping Credits

If you are a member of our Facebook Group, I encouraged everyone to select slow shipping and told you I would teach you how to use Prime Pantry later. Well here’s your tutorial! First – Prime Pantry appears to  be a regional service with availability based on a warehouse local to you.  This means that individual deals vary depending on where you live and availability. But there are still a couple ways to leverage the deals available to get the best deals on items you use everyday. You can check out the Prime Pantry landing page here. You can check out all the program info here.

Prime Pantry Basics

There are a couple of Prime Pantry basics to understand before you order. First, these items are regular retail packaging. Unlike Subscribe & Save, they are seldom multi-packs or club size.  Second, your box does not have to be full. There is no minimum purchase, but if you are using a credit, to fully use the credit, you typically need about $8-$10 after all discounts.

How to Use Prime Pantry (and save the most)

The best way to save money with Prime Pantry is to stack promotions. The first step is to check your slow shipping rewards balance here (this page is not mobile optimized. To view, you will need to be on a PC or scroll to the bottom and select the classic view on Amazon’s site). If you have Prime Pantry credits, they will automatically apply at check out. You can use one per order.

  1. The Prime Pantry credits from Slow Shipping are meant to offset shipping ($5.99/box), but every month there is a free shipping promo for buying 5 select items. You can check out what items are eligible here.  The first thing I try to do is find items that also have a coupon (that I will use). Second I look for items that are well priced (Like regular Amazon pricing, items can be all over the map). Depending on what you find, you may have spent enough to use your credits (head to checkout to see)
  2. Next head over to the coupon section here. Coupons are available on hundreds of items. Each coupon will apply to one item. You will see their deduction at check out (not in the cart)
  3. If you still haven’t found enough items, you can simply browse each section for items you use every day here. As long as you have selected 5 items from the free shipping section, any slow shipping credits will be coming off your total, so that savings improves the deal overall.

Checking your Slow Shipping Credits

Amazon has recently beefed up it’s Slow Shipping Reward Program. In addition to introducing more Rewards (on the spot discounts, rewards for future Home or Furniture purchases), they have also given us the ability to see the credits (YAY!). You can check out your balance here. (Just click on the button) There are some great rewards available if you can wait up to 6 days for your purchase!

As mentioned above, only 1 slow shipping credit can be used per order. This means if you have a bunch of credits, you will need to place separate orders. Don’t feel like you have to find new stuff each time. To the extent that there is a good deal on something you use a lot of, stock up! (assuming it is not perishable). I have in the past bought boxes upon boxes of Go Go Squeeze, Granola Bars and Goldfish when they have been on the free shipping list (this changes each month). Once you figure out how to use Prime Pantry, it gets much easier to find good deals in your area!




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