Warm Up with DeLonghi Space Heaters

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If you’re looking for a low cost way to keep your home warm this winter season, DeLonghi has a couple great space heater options! You likely know of DeLonghi from their reputation for high quality Espresso machines and their space heaters are just as well made, taking the chill out of any space! DeLonghi kindly sent me two different heaters to try out – just in time for some abnormally chilly Northern Florida weather! Both have been perfect for us as we prefer not to turn on the heat here since it typically gets warmer throughout the day!

The DeLonghi Full Room Radiant Heater

DeLonghi Space Heater Review

Of the two DeLonghi Space Heaters we received, the Full Room Radiant Heater is my favorite! This heater is meant for larger spaces (rated for 144 sq ft). It has thermostat control and releases heat from the top of the heater. The wheels are great for quick storage and while it has 3 heat settings, it is very quiet! It also has light, temperature and timer options to customize the amount of heat you would like, when you want it. If freeze is a concern, there is a setting to automatically kick on at 44 degrees, reducing the risk of pipe freeze. What I like best about it is that it heats very efficiently, but the unit itself does not get very hot (I would call it warm). While my kids are older, I do have 3 very curious Boxers who I would never want to get burned. This is a great option for busy families as it provides consistent, reliable heat without sacrificing safety. You can check it out here!

DeLonghi Capsule Ceramic Heater

DeLonghi Capsule Ceramic Heater Review

The second model we tested was the DeLonghi Capsule Ceramic Heater. This is a more concentrated heater for smaller spaces. It works well for personal heat and it’s very compact, allowing it to be moved from room to room. For its size, it cranks out a lot of heat. It does have a fan to circulate that can be a little loud on higher settings, but it’s perfect for my office area! It’s also very well priced at under $50. You can pick one up here!

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